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    • Walmart Día del Niño - Mamá 

      perettireel (2014-05-28)
      TV add. Editor: Federico Peretti. Director: F&P. Productora: Primo. Postproductor: Seba López.
    • Welcome to the Process Excellence Revolution 

      Pexnetwork (2014-05-28)
      Process excellence improves the way you create and deliver value to customers. Not convinced? Whether you're interested in lean or six sigma, BPM or agile, this video will help you convince your organisation that it can, ...
    • What Do You Run For 

      Run a race. Change lives around the world. Join Team World Vision (2014-05-28)
    • What does casting director do? 

      Chris Jones (2014-05-28)
    • What is Branding (Subtítulos Español) 

      NojaosCo (2014-05-28)
      Ayudamos personas a iniciar su propio negocio soportado en la Internet, mediante una oportunidad simple, confiable y ejecutiva. ​ ¿Sueñas con operar tu propio negocio desde Internet? ​Ganar dinero en Internet es muy ...
    • What is Branding? 

      NorwichBSchool (2014-05-28)
      This video was produced in 2011 by the MSc Brand Leadership team at Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia. The course was the first of its kind in the world and has attracted students from 23 countries including ...
    • What is communication for you? 

      Laura Linn (2014-05-28)
    • What Is Communication? 

      jenmarten (2014-05-28)
    • What is communication? 

      MOOC ICS (2014-05-28)
      What exactly is communication? The pyramid of communication is used to explain different scientific disciplines that study the topic.
    • What is Communication? 

      Northern Kentucky University (2014-05-28)
      This video attempts to answer the question of "What is communication?" through the Faculty, Staff, and Students within the Northern Kentucky University's department of communication.
    • What is Communication? 

      Tee Suwit L.  (2014-05-28)
      Value Communication video campaign produced by the students of School of Mission Communication class of 2011 @ YWAM ICN in Colorado Springs, CO, USA.
    • What is CRM? 

      Goism (2014-05-28)
      What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) explained. CRM is a business strategy that puts the focus on meeting the needs for your customer. It does this by utilizing advanced technologies to organize, automate, ...
    • What is graphic design 

      Steve Quinn (2014-05-28)
    • What is graphic design ... the process 

      Design Council (2014-05-28)
      Find out more about graphic design at Other films about graphic design
    • What is Graphic Design? 

      KineticTypography101 (2014-05-28)
      Student Animation Project (2009) Animation by Mariko Nishimura *Finalist, CJ Yeh's Time-based Design Scholarship 2009 Course name: CD441 Broadcast Design Instructor: C. J. Yeh
    • What is graphic design? 

      Design Council (2014-05-28)
      Find out more about graphic design at Other films about graphic design
    • What is Organizational Behavior? - Definition and History of the Field 

      Jennifer Lombardo (2014-05-28)
      Organizational behavior is the study of both group and individual performance and activity within an organization. Internal and external perspectives are two theories of how organizational behavior can be viewed by companies.
    • What is photoshop 

      Arianna Pilram (2014-05-28)
      A story I produced/directed with a great team at Adobe. It's part of a new series of animations we've been working on in collaboration with Andrea Lira in NYC
    • What is photoshop - a simple intro from Lynda dot com 

      Mark Bellows (2014-05-28)
      What is photoshop - a simple intro from Lynda dot com. Lynda dot com about photoshop CS 5
    • What ISO standards do for you 

      ISO (2014-05-28)
      We live in an amazing world full of incredible opportunities and endless possibilities. But it can also be a complex and overwhelming place. When things don't work as they should it often means that standards are absent. ...
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